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The Sample Behind Kanye’s “Blame Game”

I praised Andy Samberg for sampling “Avril 14th” by Aphex Twin in his Digital Short “Iran So Far” a while back, but I think Kanye and John Legend might’ve just trumped him. The duo just came out with “Blame Game”, … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Samples: I Wonder

Kanye sampled like crazy on Graduation. To name a few… P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson in Good Life (slowed down) Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan in Champion Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Elton John in Good Morning Long Red by Mountain in … Continue reading

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The Artist Formally Known as Dranklin

Ozonian (who also answers to the name Benjamin Dranklin) can hang with the Hood Internet, wait what, Party Ben, Mother Earth, whoever. The kid needs to blow up. He just came out several new tracks, including two gems: a remix … Continue reading

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New Kanye

“See Me Now”, soon to be released on Kanye’s new record, was leaked the other day. This alone isn’t particulary interesting. HOWEVER, a few days before I heard the leak, I came across a video of Kanye at Facebook rapping … Continue reading

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Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger

Kanye’s “Gold Digger”. Electric Light Orchestra’s “Fifth of Beethoven”. United at last. Silly Mash-Up of the Week. Get it girl. “Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger” by A+D: Download: “Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger”

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