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The Amen Break

The Funky Drummer is up there, but the Amen Break easily takes the cake for the most ubiquitous beat in hip hop. I came across a lengthy YouTube clip, “The World’s Most Important 6 Second Drum Beat”, which gives a … Continue reading

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The preview for Inception has led to an insane number of movie trailer mash-ups. The one I’ve posted above–Upception–is my current favorite, but they’re honestly still being created right at this very moment. A few weeks ago, i09 posted a … Continue reading

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Finally, someone took a page out of OK Go‘s playbook! Here are three music videos from Jamaica, the latest French band since Phoenix to become popular enough to break through into the states. Other such bands include Daft Punk and … Continue reading

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De La Video

I love this promotional video for Three Feet High and Rising, De La Soul’s debut album. In 1989, when the record dropped, the group (Posdnous, Mase, and Troguy the Dove) was so, so different from the other prominent hip hop … Continue reading

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ODB on “Love Me Do”

In this interview from the documentary Dirty Minded, Ole’ Dirty Bastard lays down a breathtaking version of “Love Me Do” by The Beatles. I have a few questions. First: do we know why he is singing this song? Not really. … Continue reading

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New Kanye

“See Me Now”, soon to be released on Kanye’s new record, was leaked the other day. This alone isn’t particulary interesting. HOWEVER, a few days before I heard the leak, I came across a video of Kanye at Facebook rapping … Continue reading

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He Got Game

I watched “He Got Game” for the first time a few nights ago, and this track by Public Enemy was the theme song. That movie is so good! Ray Allen, 22 and playing for the Bucks at the time, plays … Continue reading

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Clipse vs. The Avalanches

The Hood Internet came out with “When the Last Time I Left You” (Clipse vs. The Avalanches) a while ago, but I just came across The Avalanches’ music video for “Since I Left You”, and was pushed over the edge…I … Continue reading

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DJ Shadow on Digging

This clip is from the film “Scratch”, and really shows just how deeply and extensively great DJs (such as Shadow) search for fresh samples. I love what he says about how popularity is transient, and how the vast majority of … Continue reading

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OK Go Videos

After their first music video for “Here It Goes Again” got over 51 million hits on YouTube, I think OK Go discovered that making awesome music videos would be their path to success. Their next video for “This Too Shall Pass” was even more … Continue reading

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