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Cee-Roo: Swiss Beats

With an S, not a Z. I just stumbled across Cee-Roo’s myspace page, and he looks like a winner. All I know about him is that he’s a beatmaker out of Switzerland specializing in remixing, and has tons of boss … Continue reading

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Chicago’s Multiple Personalities

Sufjan Stevens has a really interesting musical story. For his first album, A Sun Came, he travelled all around the U.S. with a four-track recorder, recording each instrument in whatever location he deemed appropriate (sitar in one state, woodwinds in … Continue reading

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“Forever” Mash-Ups and Remixes

The Hood Internet produced this mash as well, combining “Cult Logic” by Miike Snow with “Forever” by Drake. It doesn’t even sound like a mash-up it works so well. I’ve also posted a track my friend Marian (the Librarian) showed … Continue reading

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New Rap, Old Funk

I love the funk music that came out of Motown in the 60s and 70s. Everything about it–the way it was recorded, the instrumentation, and most importantly, the musicians who played it–seems so relaxed and at ease. As it turns … Continue reading

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