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Left & Right (Sam Champ Remix)

I don’t know much about Sam Champ, but he has been coming out with some nasty remixes recently. This one might be his best though, mostly because it remixes a song off of Voodoo. It’s very Dilla-esque, so naturally I … Continue reading

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Submit your music!

If you’ve produced or come across a song you think I might want to post about, don’t hesitate to send it my way! Send your bangers and/or mash to -Biff

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I Want PIZZA!!!

Some genius decided to slow down “Pizza Song” by the Olsen Twins (a song they sang in one of their numerous made-for-TV movies I believe). The result is hysterical; sort of a hip-hop meets Full House meets sizzurp situation. And, … Continue reading

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The Better Teenage Dream?

Honestly, in my mind it’s a complete toss-up. The cast of Glee does kill their a cappella rendition of “Teenage Dream”, but Katy Perry’s music video is also pretty legendary. I’m putting it to a vote: whose “Teenage Dream” will … Continue reading

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Runnin’ (Philipians Remix) by The Pharcyde

This remix is DOPE. Nothing else to say really. Props to Peskers for this one.

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The Sample Behind Kanye’s “Blame Game”

I praised Andy Samberg for sampling “Avril 14th” by Aphex Twin in his Digital Short “Iran So Far” a while back, but I think Kanye and John Legend might’ve just trumped him. The duo just came out with “Blame Game”, … Continue reading

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What You Know About Blackbird (T.I. vs. The Beatles)

It’s been a while. Benjamin Dranklin just sent this track my way, and I’m into it. Show him some love! (Press the down arrow to download) -Biff

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Stuntin’ Like My Mash-Up

I take back what I said about Juicy. Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (by Birdman & Lil Wayne) has easily been mashed up and remixed more than any song ever. Here’s a sampler: Stuntin with a Milli (Lil Wayne v. Phoenix … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Samples: Find A Way

My dear friend Whiskers came through yet again with a GREAT find. In a way, I almost expected it though, since we’re talking about Dilla here (he produced Tribe’sĀ Find a Way). This is one of the more unique samples I’ve … Continue reading

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Mash of the Week: Soulful Stand Up (Ludacris vs. Young-Holt Unlimited)

Yet another by Benjamin Dranklin. Too nasty. I don’t need to say anything more…just listen to it! Soulful Stand Up (Ludacris vs. Young-Holt Unlimited) by Benjamin Dranklin

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