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My boy Hausen just introduced me to one of the most unique mixtapes I’ve ever heard, Margarine, a mash-up album of sorts between rapper Ced Hughes and electronic music producer Hudson Mohawke (to be referred from here on out as … Continue reading

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Sufjan’s New (and Mysterious) Release

I got tipped off about the out-of-the-blue Sufjan release a few days ago (right after I posted about his older stuff actually), but was lazy and on vacation and didn’t post about it. But I am now! So the album … Continue reading

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In Honor of Biz

I don’t watch Nick Jr. that often, but a friend of mine does, and turned me onto Yo Gabba Gabba!, a music-centric show hosted by an MC, DJ Lance Rock. By far my favorite segment on the show is “Biz’s … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Samples: Still Not A Player

To this day, Still Not A Player by Big Pun is one of my favorite rap songs of all time (along with Hey Ma, naturally). Pun basically chopped up the first several seconds of the intro to A Little Bit … Continue reading

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Slo-Mo Bieber might be a hoax.

It seems that there is a conspiracy surrounding the slowed down version of Justin Bieber’s U Smile. I just came across an MTV article saying that the song is not actually a slow Bieber jam at all, but a track … Continue reading

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New Chiddy!

Chiddy Bang visited the KISS 96.5 studio in Cleveland back on August 6th and performed a couple of songs, including a never-before-heard track from their upcoming album. They said in an interview back in April that the album, their official … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber, Slowed Down 800 Percent

An ambient collective from Milwaukee dubbed Photon Wave Orchestra decided to slow down the song U Smile by Justin Bieber by 800 percent. I don’t know why he did this, but the result is pretty insane. Now, the song is … Continue reading

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