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Mash-Ups with Marvin

For some reason, there are a ton of mash-ups of Marvin Gaye songs floating around. Here are three good ones. Peculiar Symphony (Marvin Gaye vs. The Verve) by El Barto and Liam B What’s Ringo On? (The Beatles vs. Marvin … Continue reading

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Finally, someone took a page out of OK Go‘s playbook! Here are three music videos from Jamaica, the latest French band since Phoenix to become popular enough to break through into the states. Other such bands include Daft Punk and … Continue reading

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Wonderwall Remixes

At some point in 2009, someone released the a cappella track from Wonderwall, starting a chain reaction that led to dozens (if not hundreds) of mash-ups, samples and remixes of Oasis’ cash cow. I’m only going to post my three … Continue reading

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De La Video

I love this promotional video for Three Feet High and Rising, De La Soul’s debut album. In 1989, when the record dropped, the group (Posdnous, Mase, and Troguy the Dove) was so, so different from the other prominent hip hop … Continue reading

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Mash-Up of the Week: Drake vs. Grum

This week, we have yet another Hood Internet mash-up: Someday We’ll Find Your Love (Drake vs. Grum). Hood combined Find Your Love by Drake with Someday We’ll Be Together by Grum to make this bad boy. Someday We’ll Find Your … Continue reading

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Egregiously Indie Covers

This post started off about Amanda Palmer’s new EP (which I like!), and has since turned into an indictment of the entire indie cover culture. I feel like there are a lot of covers floating around right now that are … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Samples: Bonita Applebum

My home girl Shelley F. Baby pointed me out to the jam Daylight by RAMP. It’s a treasure, to say the least, sampled in Tribe’s Bonita Applebum, which in turn was sampled in The Fugees’ Killing Me Softly. Out of … Continue reading

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