Hip Hop Samples: I Wonder

Kanye sampled like crazy on Graduation. To name a few…

P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson in Good Life (slowed down)
Kid Charlemagne
by Steely Dan in Champion
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
by Elton John in Good Morning
Long Red
by Mountain in Barry Bonds (the scream)
Save the Country by Laura Nyro in The Glory (sped up)

You can check out each of these sampled tracks on YouTube by clicking on the links. I’ve marked the time where the sample occurs in each video, so when you click, you should immediately be directed to the part of the song where you’ll hear the sample.

His sampling of My Song by Labi Siffre in I Wonder is particularly well done. And since I Wonder is such an underrated song on Graduation, I figured Siffre’s jam would be a good sample to show. Check it out–Kanye’s sample occurs around 0:38.

My Song by Labi Siffre

I Wonder by Kanye West

My Song
I Wonder

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