Madlib: Shades of Blue

Somehow, Madlib (DJ, rapper, producer, musician out of L.A.) was able to get the go-ahead from Blue Note (arguably the most famous jazz label of all time) to comb through their extensive catalogue, pick out any samples he liked, and turn them into experimental hip-hop. If you’re not familiar with Madlib, he’s akin to J Dilla, specializing in Motown, jazz, R&B and alternative sampling. When I first heard about this project, I was dying to hear it. It’s not completely golden, but it definitely has many nasty moments. Plus I love how Blue Note released it themselves (in 2002). In particular, Please Set Me At Ease, Distant Land and Stepping Into Tomorrow are definitely worth checking out. If only Dilla could’ve been so lucky…

Please Set Me At Ease

Distant Land

Stepping Into Tomorrow

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