Cee-Roo: Swiss Beats

With an S, not a Z. I just stumbled across Cee-Roo’s myspace page, and he looks like a winner. All I know about him is that he’s a beatmaker out of Switzerland specializing in remixing, and has tons of boss music on his site. I listened to his four Beatz N’Rhymes mixtapes, picked out a few of my favorites and posted them below (download them by clicking on the down arrow), but if you like what you hear, definitely visit his MySpace page and check out more. Strangely, he’s completely absent from all the music sites I follow…yes, even Hype Machine. So I guess he’s not well known. Honestly, some of this stuff is unlike anything I’ve heard before, so I hope he blows up!

A Day in the Life (ft. John Lennon)

Thugz Mansion (ft. 2Pac & Nas)

Make You Feel That Way (ft. Blackalicious)

Hit the Road Jack (ft. 3rd Bass)

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3 Responses to Cee-Roo: Swiss Beats

  1. barrygruff says:

    The ‘A Day in the Life ‘ one is pretty damn good, nice find. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Alfred says:

    I know this guy, he’s from Biel and is a film-maker just as much as he creates beats. You might wanna check his crazy yet funny videos. you should be able to find them on youtube.

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