This isn’t exactly music-related, but I’ve gotten really into checking out sleeveface art recently, and thought I’d share a few of the more awesome ones with you guys. If you’re not familiar with this new artistic medium, the term sleeveface essentially means: strategically positioning vinyl album art so that the scene it depicts fits in seamlessly with the real world around it. Then, pictures are taken and everyone says “ooh” and “aah”. There’s a ton of sleeveface art being produced, so much so that an entire website has been devoted to sleeveface, and sleeveface alone. The typical vinyl covers used in sleeveface contain a face–the bigger, the better–that naturally becomes the face of the person in the picture. Some of them are as real and as sleeveface can get, while others don’t bother trying, and instead set out to make you laugh. Check some out:

Slow Hand by Eric Clapton

Satanee Mirza!… by Nino Ferrer

Black and Blue by The Rolling Stones

War by U2

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