The White Panda: The Next Girl Talk?

The White Panda is definitely talented. They’ve been pumping out solid mash-ups for quite a while, and recently released their first mash-up mixtape, Rematch which is available for free on their website. I couldn’t help but compare it to Girl Talk’s two similar albums (Night Ripper and Feed the Animals). Obviously, both of GT’s albums are nasty. The question is: can The White Panda hang with him?

Well, they’ve already completed step one: asking for donations when you’re downloading their mixtape–same as what Girl Talk did for Feed the Animals (which you can still do here). They also emulate his style quite closely. Like Girl Talk, each track contains countless mash-ups and it’s hard to tell where one track ends and the other begins. I can’t lie, they don’t pull it off quite as well as he does, but, in his absence, it really is a solid substitute. I’d put them more in the category of Super Mash Bros. (if you don’t know them, check them out here).

Regardless, The White Panda’s new mixtape is exciting and worth checking out. Here’s its last track, “Pop Bottles Baby”, along with my favorite track on the mixtape, “Drake’s Goin’ Down”. Dopeness.

Pop Bottles Baby

Drake’s Goin’ Down

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2 Responses to The White Panda: The Next Girl Talk?

  1. Enrique says:

    True, it’s nice have have some decent new stuff while Girl Talk sits on his thumb. Also, Super Mash Bros > Girl Talk.

  2. Will says:

    That is preposterous. Objective truth is difficult to find in the musical world, and I am happy to recognize some plurality of taste, but Girl Talk is without question enjoying the mash-up throne at the moment by any intelligent account. I actually saw the super mash bros sucking on his toes the other day. Weird.

    Take 5, gather your thoughts, and apologize to the audience.

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