Somewhere Over My Block

Mother Earth produced this jam. His mash-ups are not particularly polished, but his song choices are always spot on. With mash-ups like these, I tend to judge them mainly on how the lyrics, when inserted into a totally new musical background, change in their meaning. In the original “My Block”, the beat does somewhat emphasize the depth of Tupac’s lyrics; we know he’s rapping about the problems of his neighborhood, but that’s about as deep as we care to go. When thrown over “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, I found myself listening to every single word of the rap, which does not happen as strongly with the original. I really noticed how solemn the lyrics are in the rap…it’s actually a really sad song. That’s all I’m gonna say…check it out for yourself and definitely post your thoughts if anything comes to mind.

“Somewhere Over My Block” (My Block vs. Somewhere Over The Rainbow) by Mother Earth

My Block by 2pac ft. Ole Iz


Somewhere Over My Block

My Block

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