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Hip Hop Samples: Find A Way

My dear friend Whiskers came through yet again with a GREAT find. In a way, I almost expected it though, since we’re talking about Dilla here (he produced Tribe’s Find a Way). This is one of the more unique samples I’ve … Continue reading

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Mash of the Week: Soulful Stand Up (Ludacris vs. Young-Holt Unlimited)

Yet another by Benjamin Dranklin. Too nasty. I don’t need to say anything more…just listen to it! Soulful Stand Up (Ludacris vs. Young-Holt Unlimited) by Benjamin Dranklin

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Dr. Luke, The Hit Whisperer

Deep down, in the darkest corners of our subconscious, we have an eerie, inescapable feeling that there is only one diabolical, haunting yet undeniably talented man responsible for every summer hit since 2000. His name is Dr. Luke. A guitar-playing … Continue reading

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The Amen Break

The Funky Drummer is up there, but the Amen Break easily takes the cake for the most ubiquitous beat in hip hop. I came across a lengthy YouTube clip, “The World’s Most Important 6 Second Drum Beat”, which gives a … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Samples: I Wonder

Kanye sampled like crazy on Graduation. To name a few… P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson in Good Life (slowed down) Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan in Champion Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Elton John in Good Morning Long Red by Mountain in … Continue reading

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The Artist Formally Known as Dranklin

Ozonian (who also answers to the name Benjamin Dranklin) can hang with the Hood Internet, wait what, Party Ben, Mother Earth, whoever. The kid needs to blow up. He just came out several new tracks, including two gems: a remix … Continue reading

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The preview for Inception has led to an insane number of movie trailer mash-ups. The one I’ve posted above–Upception–is my current favorite, but they’re honestly still being created right at this very moment. A few weeks ago, i09 posted a … Continue reading

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