He Got Game

I watched “He Got Game” for the first time a few nights ago, and this track by Public Enemy was the theme song. That movie is so good! Ray Allen, 22 and playing for the Bucks at the time, plays Jesus Shuttlesworth, a top high school basketball recruit who’s deciding where he’s going to college (or if he’s going straight to the NBA). Denzel plays his dad, Jake Shuttlesworth, who gets let out of prison temporarily in order to influence Jesus to going to Big State (the governor’s alma mater). Tagline: “The father, the son, the holy game.” It’s so legendary that I’ve included a clip below as well. The title track by Public Enemy samples Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”, and is mad good as well.

“He Got Game” by Public Enemy

He Got Game Clip (Denzel vs. Ray)


“He Got Game” by Public Enemy

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1 Response to He Got Game

  1. Enrique says:

    I told you it’s amazing

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