Silly Mash-Up Time

It’s that time of the week again! I don’t know how many of you saw SNL on April 17th, but if you did, you will remember that Ke$ha performed “Tik Tok” in a leather unitard equipped with American Flag wings. And she danced along with alien robots who were also rocking unitards. A friend described the spectacle to me as resembling “a middle school talent show performance that lost.” I couldn’t have said it better. So I’ve included the video of Ke$ha’s absurd SNL appearance along with the actual silly mash-up of the week, “Doo Tok” (Lauryn Hill vs. Ke$ha) by Chambaland, which I have to say is pretty ridiculous. What can I say–I needed an excuse to show Ke$ha’s alien dance.

Just watch the SNL video up until she starts playing with lasers saying “Did anyone ever stop to think maybe WE are the aliens??” WHAT KE$HA! Your song is about errbody getting crunk and boys wanting to touch your junk. No aliens. No NASA. Enjoy this train wreck guys, and please comment if you, like myself, are outraged by Ke$ha’s rendition of “E.T.”

Ke$ha on SNL:

“Doo Tok” (Ke$ha vs. Lauryn Hill):

Doo Tok


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