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Silly Mash-Up of the Week!

This week’s Silly Mash-Up: 1000 Times Right Round (Flo Rida vs. MSTRKRFT)! The Hood Internet produced this bad boy, and it’s available on their fourth mixtape. 1000 Times Right Round is a mash-up of MSTRKRFT’s “1000 Cigarettes” with Flo Rida’s … Continue reading

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Hey Joe

I just found out that Jimi’s “Hey Joe” is actually a cover! It was written by The Leaves, a garage band out of L.A., a year before Hendrix first performed the song in 1966. Tim Rose, a folk rock singer, … Continue reading

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More Dilla: So Far to Go (Feat. Common and D’Angelo)

I recently found out that the sample from “So Far To Go” by Dilla featuring Common and D’Angelo is from the Isley Brothers song “Don’t Say Goodnight (It’s Time For Love)”. You’ll recognize where he gets the sample around 0:39 … Continue reading

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A Tribute To Ronnie Artest

The strangest, most lovable player in the NBA. “Get Lo” by Ron Artest and Mike Jones Interview on Kimmel: Singing to Paul Pierce After Pantsing Him: -Biff

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Aphex Twin and Andy Samberg

Aphex Twin has been around for a long time, and has basically tried his hand at every type of electronic music around. He released his most popular track, “Windowlicker”, in 1999, went quiet for a while, and after several years, … Continue reading

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The 3 for 1 Special

Sometimes, just a regular mash-up isn’t enough. Mash-ups with three or more songs are now almost the norm. In honor of the 3 for 1 special, here’s a couple of mash-ups featuring at least three songs. It’s a busy world … Continue reading

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Daft Punk and Phoenix

It turns out Daft Punk and Phoenix both originated from the town of Versailles, France. But there’s more! The guitarist in Phoenix, Laurent Brancowitz, actually left a band called “Darlin’” to join Phoenix in 1995. The two other members of … Continue reading

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