New Rap, Old Funk

I love the funk music that came out of Motown in the 60s and 70s. Everything about it–the way it was recorded, the instrumentation, and most importantly, the musicians who played it–seems so relaxed and at ease. As it turns out, mashing up Motown with current rap often ends up sounding really, really good, and to prove this point, I’ve posted two of my favorite Rap vs. Motown tracks: 99 Problems by Jay Z featuring the Dap Kings remixed by Prince Ballard and Mr. Me Too by Clipse featuring Lee Fields remixed by Z.A.K. Okay, so technically the Dap Kings are a revivalist funk group that is actually around today, but they only use instruments and equipment from the 70s, so I think they still count. And Lee Fields was actually around in the 70s, I promise.

99 Problems by Jay-Z and the Dap Kings (by Prince Ballard):

Mr. Me Too by Clipse and Lee Fields (by Z.A.K.):

99 Problems
Mr. Me Too


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