I think Juicy has been mashed up more times than any other song in history. I still think the original is the best, but here’s a sampler of some of the various Juicy mash-ups and covers out there. In fact, in the time it’s taken to write this post, a Juicy mash-up has just been created.

“Juicy R” by wait what (Biggie vs. the xx):

“Juicy New York, New York” (Biggie vs. Frank Sinatra): This one takes a bit of time to get into, but it won’t disappoint. I’m serial:

“Juicy” by Emily Wells (cover):

“Juicy Free” by Heart Attack Club (Biggie vs. Mates of State):

And of course, the original:

wait what
Biggie vs. Frank
Emily Wells
Heart Attack Club
The original


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