It’s time for: Silly Mash-Up of the Week!

This week’s silly mash-up: My Life on the Crazy Train Sucks! (Kelly Clarkson vs. Pink vs. Ozzy Osbourne vs. Daft Punk)

This was discovered from Culture Bully’s “Top Mashups of 2009”. They have a lot of good stuff, and some other stuff that is just absurd. This mash-up in particular falls under the “multiple mash-up” category. I’ve come across a lot of 3-for-1 mash-ups, but very few 4-for-1s. Eventually, you just get into the Girl Talk/Super Mash Bros/The White Panda range, where you’re hitting like 20-30 separate mash-ups per song. You can download My Life on the Crazy Train Sucks right from that link. Tune in next week for a hopefully even more silly mash-up!

(Thank you Timmy for showing me this)


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