The Books

My sophomore year at Williams, I noticed that there was an art studio class being offered called “The Sample”. The professor listed was Nick Zammuto, one of the two members of the band The Books. The class was incredible, and I ended up signing up for the course he offered in the spring, “Sampling in Practice”, too.

If you don’t know much about the Books, a main part of their music involves sampling. But it’s much more than just the traditional, find a good beat, cut it up, re-pitch it and then sing over it kind of deal. They go to thrift stores all over the country collecting any kind of video and audio you could possibly imagine. They’ll find yak-baks (if you don’t remember them:, digitize the audio from them, and sample them in tracks. They’ll take tapes out of old, used answering machines, cut them up and play over them  as well.

What I’m trying to say is: The Books are the shit. I was on hype machine the other day (everyone’s doing it…) and came across a Books track with Jose Gonzales, a cover of Nick Drake’s “Cello Song”. I was so pumped to see that they’re still making music that I wanted to post it myself.

Buy it!


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